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An ABATE member and fine local bike shop that has always supported us. This shop have supported us from the early days of this chapter. Please feel free to visit this site by clicking RATS WHOLE PLACE Get the service and parts you need from people you know.

Don't Forget To Shop Locally First!!!!!


ILLINOIS MOTORCYCLE RIDERS TRAINING can be found by clicking on the logo. Check after February 20th for† the 2010 schedule and sign-up early, as the classes usually fill up fast.



†††††††††††† †††††††††††† For the latest information on bikers rights legislation, other A.B.A.T.E. of Illinois Chapter links and more †††† †††††††††††† †††††††††††† information about A.B.A.T.E. of Illinois, click on the logo.


"2010 ABATE Bike Raffle Tickets", the sale of these tickets supports ABATE of Illinois, while it gives you a chance to win!! The last three years, our chapter has done well, selling these tickets, this may be our chapter's best year yet!! We can only hope that the other chapters are doing well, as this money goes to work for your rights.


As you are riding around, if you see a road hazard that will need to be reported, click on this choose the state and fill out the form, it's easy and quick. And it may save a life.


USE YOUR VOTE, Vote Biker Friendly, don't lose Your Riding Freedoms


U.S. Senator Roland Burris at 202-224-2854 or

U.S. Senator Richard Durbin at 202-224-2152 or

U.S. Representatives

Tim Johnson 217-403-4690 or

Phil Hare 217-422-9245 or

Aaron Schoch 202-225-6201 or

John Shimkus 217492-5090 or

State Representatives

Bob Flider 217-782-8398 or 217-428-2708 or

Bill Mitchell 217-782-8163 or 217-876-1968 or

Chapin Rose 217-782-8398 or 217-348-7677 or

State Senators

Kyle McCarter 217-782-5755 or 217-428-4068 or

Bill Brady 217-782-6216 or 217-876-9407 or

Dale Righter 217-782-6674 or 217-235-6033 or




Good news for ABATE's Safety & Ed Coordinators, ABATE's new Motorcycle Awareness Video is now being presented by our instructors into class rooms. This video is produced by ABATE of Illinois and is to replace the old tapes we have been using. This video was well planned and produced. A Big THANK's should go out to Paulette Pinkham and all that helped get this video done. Stacy has already been into schools with the new tape and the teachers feel that the new tape appeals to the kids better. Our Video is now being used in 22 states. We welcome them.


Laura Mayer is ABATE's State co- Safety & Education Coordinator, 815-838-2217 or

Razor Swinda is our Chapterís co- Safety & Education Coordinator,

Mike Myers is the State Coordinator of ABATE of Illinois, 815-621-7184 or

Roger Leach is the Assistant State Coordinator of ABATE of Illinois, 217-502-2531 or

George Tinkham is the State Legislative Coordinator of ABATE of Illinois, 217-753-2737 or

Razor Swinda is our Chapter Legislative Coordinator,


Ride Smart, Ride Safe, Don't Trust the other drivers to watch for You, Stay Alert


†††††††† †††††††††††† ABATE of Illinois depends on income from Memberships, State Bike Raffle sales, State Party ticket sales, State product sales, ABATE Swap Meet attendance and Chapter DONATIONS. State income needs to improve now. Keep your Membership current and support ABATE. Our FREEDOM Is Our Business, so let's take care of business. ABATE of Illinois, has on their site, several web site affiliates. If you use their services, be sure to log on through the ABATE site, because ABATE will be paid a percentage of the transaction.


ABATE has re-seated the off-roads panel. John Harris, Daniel Speerly and Stacey Rigsby will make up the panel. They will be looking for input from off-road users, look in the state paper for contacts.


The National Transportation safety Board (NTSB) is pushing for Universal Helmet Laws for every State. NOW is the time to get your riding friends, that aren't ABATE & MRF members, to JOIN. This is a form of Washington pushing Illinois to do something that the riding public has time and again said NO to. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) two of the three states with the biggest increases in motorcycle fatalities had mandatory helmet laws and top three states with the largest decrease in motorcycle fatalities did not have mandatory helmet laws. The MRF along with ABATE of Illinois, see Safety & Education programs are the real keys.


The MRF has informed us that the U.S. House of Representatives recently formed the first official motorcycle safety caucus. It is open to all sitting U.S. Representatives and will focus on motorcycle safety and what Congress can do to support motorcycle safety. The co-chairs, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) and Congressman Michael Burgess (R-TX) are both motorcycle friendly. Ask your congressman to join the motorcycle safety caucus by contacting either co-chairs' Washington D.C. offices. This is a non-funded caucus, but it could help us, as they plan to address safety, education and awareness issues.


ABATE of Illinois, dual chapter members, may only vote for officers & by-law changes in one chapter per year. They must declare a primary chapter choice when becoming a dual member. They can vote and be active in all other things that their chapters have to offer. Members switching chapters are limited to one switch per year. Members can only be an officer in one chapter at a time and it must be your primary chapter. For clearer view of this topic, consult the State By-Laws (latest addition) ARTICLE 2, Secion 5 These things were voted on and changed at the October 2004 BOD meeting.


The MRF has released what they are calling EPA for the Layman. the MRF website has been updated to reflect the EPA's changes and can be found on their If you are a shop owner or you have plans to build a custom bike, or if you just like riding them, please fill out the MRF's epa questionnaire and send it to the MRF.


In Washington, the 110th Congress has HR1076 and S615 each are attempts to close the hole in HIPAA (1996)

ABATE has lost a Honorable freedom fighter, Sadly, November 7th, 2005, Rich "Neb" Nebelsick passed away. He helped fight to get the Illinois Supreme Court to overturn the Statute requiring helmets in Illinois. On May 28,1969 the Statute was found to be Unconstitutional. He put up his shop to pay for the fight. He will surely be missed, but never forgotten.


In October we also lost the recent past president of the MRF, Karen Bolin.



RIDE SAFE AND FREE .....Look Twice and Save a Life

KEEP YOUR MEMBERSHIP CURRENT with ABATE of Illinois and ask us about joining the MRF, because Your Freedom is too Important to Let Slip Away